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Residential Care

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When a child cannot be looked after in their own home or a foster home, a residential home may be considered. Footsteps Care residential homes are geared to meet the needs of children with learning disabilities when they cannot live in their own famiy home. Our homes provide a place where they can be safe and develop and be supported to continue their education.

One of the distinguishing features of residential care is that children live with a group of other children looked after by paid staff who work on a shift basis and live elswhere. Each child placed with Footsteps Care has unique personal circumstances and needs. The facilities made available for a child may have to be tailored to the child's need including the decor of bedroom and any special equipment needed.  Our homes provide a structured , supportive and nuturing environment where children are cared for and live safely.We work closely with the local authority where the home is located to ensure that children are kept safe and that  policies and procedures are in place for ensuring safety and  are workable.

Footsteps Care is able to respond to:

  • Same day placement requests
  • Planned placements
  • Assessments
As children progress with their development, our staff will get involved in:
  • Preparing children to return to their family where possible
  • Prepare children for fostering
  • Prepare young people for supported or semi-independent /independent living
Quality Commitment
Systems are in place to monitor, review and continually develop the practice of our services for children. Such systems include:

  • Internal and Independent Person Monitoring and reporting
  • Monthly audits of Health & Safety, Quality of the Service, Care Plan documents and Medicine Administration.
  • Regular staff development and training including annual updates for some areas to maintin competencies.
  • 3 Monthly Quality Report available to users of the service and Ofsted
  • Two unannounced inspections by Ofsted annually 
  •  Annual monitoring visits by local authorities who have children placed within our service.
  • At least twice a year obtain the views of local authorities and parents/significant others who have children placed with us regarding our service.
  • Maintenance of annual safety checks and obtaining relevant certificates concerned with the physical environment and in line with Health and Safety legislation.
  • The Service has a management structure with specific responsibility for quality and monitoring attached to the roles.

Complaints and compliments
Footsteps Care welcomes comments and suggestions regarding our service. We treat complaints seriously paying detailed attention to all complaints whatever the nature to enable individuals to freely express views of issues about the service. This includes the views of the children, staff who work within the service, others associated with working in partnership with Footsteps Care and members of the public. Written complaints can be sent by  post to:
Footsteps Care - Children Services
60 Eastern Road

By Email:
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