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Referral & Admission

Residential Care Enquiries
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We provide accommodation, care and support for children between the ages of 5 and 17. We recognise that the age range is wide we take into consideration the mix in ages and abilities of the children who live at the home. After an initial enquiry by telephone or email, the management of the home will request further information about the child to enable a decision to be made regarding offering a place at the home.

Criteria for admission include:
  • Child of either gender
  • Age bewteen 5 and 17
  • Have a diagnosed learning disability sometimes referred to as a learning difficulty
  • Referred by a local authority
  • Require medium to long-term care and support
  • May require same day admission as an emergency
Admission Process
  1. Once a decision to consider a child for admission has been taken, arrangements will be made for an assessment by our staff of the child. In this assessment, we consider the needs of the child and balance them against the needs of children already living at the home. Its also a chance for the home to consider how and if it can meet the needs of the referred child.
  2. When an offer is made to place the child, and it is accepted by all parties, arrangments will be made where appropriate for the child to visit and/or have an overnight stay to see what they think of the home.
  3. Prior to moving in, staff would seek to know the child's preferences in several areas. The decor of the bedroom can be customised to suit the child's preference.
  4. All children are provided with a Children's Guide which is written in Easy Read format. Staff will assist with explaining the information contained in the Children's Guide.
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