Supportive Living Services
Vulnerable Young Adults with complex needs
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Locations at: Romford; Gidea Park; Ilford, Leyton

Ethos and Values

We embrace the REACH standards in Supported Living ensuring that individuals have a wide range of choices and support. Our skilled team employ up to date tools for Living Skills Assessments and Supported Living Environmental Impact Assessments to monitor progress and agree changing support needs.

Each individual has an agreed Support Plan which they help to construct and execute. We work in partnership with other agencies as appropriate to cover a wide range of support needs.

Our staff team work to ensure that the service provided at Footsteps Support is in accordance with four primary values that have been incorporated into its service delivery:-

  • Every young person has a fundamental right to respect as a unique individual regardless of status, sex, age, religion, race, culture, sexual orientation, language, ability or contribution to society.
  • Every young person in fulfilment of that right should have opportunities to live full life with dignity, self-determination and responsibilities.
  • Supported semi-independent accommodation should be a skilled service delivered by committed staff in a safe, appropriately structured and caring environment.
  • The Company and staff believe that ‘quality matters’ and plan, deliver and will review services to the highest professional standards at all times in order to secure the best possible outcomes for young people.


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Urgent Referrals
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